Zeiss VR Headset is real fun with lot of new features




Usually, when we hear the name Zeiss, the sudden thing which comes in our mind is the optics. As Zeiss is one of the favorites and best brand regarding lenses, it is recognized well in the whole world.


Nevertheless, Zeiss is coming on with other projects also, apart from the optics part last year Zeiss introduced the One Plus VR Headset. This masterpiece entered into the market priced for $70, and on the other hand, Zeiss is different from other VR cameras as Zeiss got a focal plane that means you don’t have to adjust the VR and step into the experience of VR Headset.


Zeiss VR Headset is a great option for all the gamers. You have to follow few simple steps attach the Bluetooth controller as soon as you plugin into your gaming laptop you are ready to experience the real world of gaming, but before this, you need to install Zeiss app either on Android or iOS.


Now, if you talk about the models of phones on which OnePlus VR runs efficiently then after iPhone 6 it runs pretty cool on all the iPhone models and Samsung note series as well.


On the other hand, the price is going to be high this May which will cost the retailers $130, and if you are purchasing with the connectors and Headset, then it will cost you $150. The main benefit to the people who are not so much into gaming will also help them to enjoy the world of core gaming.


So, you can buy the Zeiss VR Headset at such a low cost, and other VR Headset will cost you hundreds of dollars so rather than paying so much Zeiss is the good option at the initial stage.


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