Xiaomi- the King of Budget Smartphones, the battle begins of Xiaomi- Redmi Note 4 vs. Redmi 4A vs. Redmi 4


Xiaomi the largest tech giant from last three years is one of the best in the industry of mobile phones, the online flash sales are so heavy that the e-commerce sites are not able to complete the order, this company came to India three years back and they have equal goodwill if you compare with other brands.

The best thing which they have done is they are opening their first store in Bangalore, which will help the customers to purchase the MI products directly from the stores. Their budget phones are affordable keeping Indians in mind. Xiaomi is covering the market fast and placing their devices among the masses.

Few days back Xiaomi has recently launched their flagship budget phone Redmi 4 which has flourished the market, available exclusively on Flipkart but on the other hand, this phone has a big competition with their successor and predecessor Redmi 4A and Redmi note 4.

The price of its flagship phone starts from Rs.10, 000

Redmi note 4- 2GHz
Redmi 4A- 1.4GHz
Redmi 4 – 1.4GHz

All there models have octa-core processors, in all 4 has the best processor and is the best flagship phone if we come in terms of its processor.


Redmi note comes with a resolution of 1080*1920 with 5.5-inch screen, it has one of the best display if we talk about Redmi brand and on the other hand, Redmi 4 and Redmi 4A has 720*1280 display which comes with the 5-inch screen, all three phones are of finest metal finished body with plasticky body feel.


According to the reports, Redmi 4A is the cheapest of all and has a rear camera of 13MP but the picture quality is low in low light and on the other hand, both Redmi Note 4 and Redmi Note were able to click pictures in bad light too, each phone has 5MP front camera which takes good selfies.


Both Redmi 4 and Redmi Note 4 support up to 4GB RAM and the internal storage up to 64GB and 32GB and Redmi Note 4 has hybrid slot, on is use for SIM card and the other one can be used for inserting SIM card and SD card as well. On the other hand Redmi 4A comes with 16GB internal for Rs.6000/- and can be expanded through SD card.


Redmi Note 4 and Redmi note has 4100 mAH battery and on the other hand, Redmi note 4A has 3120 mAH battery both phones with 4100 mAH battery can standby for more than 1 day.


If we talk about performance, then the winner is Redmi Note 4 as it can handle all the apps well at the same time with multiple pages open on your tab on the other hand, in terms of gaming Redmi Note 4 is first among all the three phones you can enjoy hardcore gaming on your Redmi Note 4. Switching between two apps is great with Redmi 4A.


If you are out-of-pocket, you can definitely purchase Redmi Note 4A and if you add some more money from your savings you can buy Redmi Note 4 which is now their flagship budget phone with maximum features in-built.


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