WOW: Rajnikanth Turns 67, fans tribute 6700 cupcakes for Anna worth Rs 2 Lakhs




Tamil Nadu SuperStar Shivaji Rao Gaikwad famous from the name of Rajnikanth the king of South Indian movies turns 67-year old today,  was born on December 12, 1950, sets 67-year old. Rajnikanth first started his career as a bus conductor in the Tamil Nadu transport services, and now he has one of the highest fans following actor and one of Asia’s highest paid actor.


The historic act is done by his fan which is a commendable job, and they decorated anna’s portrait with 6700 cupcakes which cost worth Rs 2 Lakhs.


The decoration took place in the city center mall of Chennai, and people are coming from far to have a glance on Rajnikanth portrait and taking selfies with those Rs 2 Lakhs worth cupcakes is seen a never-ending process which is going on the city center.


The bakery shop owner whose name is Suchitra Kartik told the news reporters that it took around a month to plan this gift of worth Rs 2 Lakhs cupcakes for our hero Rajnikanth, and took around 72 hours for baking.


She also said, “We’re big Thalaiva fans, and this is our tribute to him.”



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