Why Love Marriage is better than Arrange. Read 3 simple reasons which proves the same?


You’ve thought about the benefits of having an arranged marriage. Gradually, as we went through an in-depth analysis of the same, eventually we thank God for making us realise that love marriage was, is and will always remain better over an arranged marriage.


All the bachelors and spinsters out there, who feel confused on which kind of marriage to go for. And if you think to get into an arranged one, then this one is surely for you. Because these reasons will make you rethink before going for an arranged marriage. Have a look at these reasons!


Spending all life with a Stranger?

How can one think of marrying a stranger? In a love marriage, you know your partner in out. And as they knowing each other perfectly is one of the secrets to a successful marriage.


Do you like this?

When your marriage is an arranged one, these questions become an integral part of life, for initial years of tying the knot. Because when you tend to tie the knot with a person you have met once or twice, how can you even think of asking his/her likes and dislikes.


But when you decide to marry a partner you have known for years, you don’t need to waste precious moments of your married life in asking silly questions.


Love you, for what you are

Yes, that’s what is the best thing about marrying a partner who loves you for what you are. In this way, you get to be the person who you actually are and love the kind of personality you are blessed with.



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