When do baby crawl



When do baby crawl

The best feeling is when you welcome a new person into a family that’s your baby. That’s the best feeling in the world, the physical development of the baby is more exciting and fun like you use to wait in your childhood for your favorite toy. When do baby crawl is the main tension in every parent’s mind. In this article, you will get to know each and every detail about the first crawl of the baby.


The first question which arises in every new parent is when do baby crawl or when do they show their move. At the initial stage, they move with the help of stroller, or you try to make your baby by holding your hands, but the happiest thing in the world is when your baby makes the first move without any help, that’s the phase in which your baby has move in for the first physical development phase.

When do baby crawl

According to the medical research, once your baby turns 4 months at that age your baby starts having the control on its head then the baby starts sitting up and down by themselves. Play with your baby when your baby turns around 6 months, lay down in front of your baby with his favorite toy so that he can crawl from one place to another.


Types of baby crawls:-

  • Scamper around the floor

  • Using arms to scroll forward by lying flat chest on the floor

  • Crawling backward

  • Scrawling the body by the bend in one knee and moving sideways or forward

  • The classic crawl of the babies by moving their one arm and opposite leg back to back.


All these crawling methods give you the maximum satisfactory results. On the other hand, never stop your baby in moving forward let your baby face emotions of happiness let him face disappointments if your baby fails to catch some toys allow your cutie climbing sofas, beds, and cushions but make heed on your baby that your baby doesn’t get hurt while climbing or going towards the stairs.

When do baby crawl

But remember one thing in mind that some babies skip this crawling period, so please make one thing sure that if she becomes 12 months old and still not able to crawl then consult your cutie to a good baby doctor.



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