WhatsApp Business app Launched: Know the features!




Now, easily connect with your customers by using the WhatsApp business app.

The app is handy for everybody, as from your local dealer to big tycoons you can contact your clients or customers with just one click.


The all-new WhatsApp new business app is free to download, right now its launched in Italy, US, UK, Mexico, and Indonesia. According to the reports, it will be rolled out in other places as well including India soon.


As per reports, WhatsApp has claimed, the new business app will make it “easier for companies to connect with customers, and more convenient for our 1.3 billion users to chat with businesses that matter to them”.


Many of you might be thinking about the WhatsApp Web, yes people you can bring and use this app on your desktop to make your work easy and fast. The feature of the new business app includes the emails, addresses, day target work and many more things like quick replies, messaging available with daily statistics like how your work is going and how you can improve it daily.


According to the reports, 80% of Indians use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers which makes their work faster and easier, even in Brazil too. And now, with this new business app, it’s pretty sure that Indian will use and make out the maximum use of this app.

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