A typical Bollywood entertainer is hitting the screens this week. Shubh Mangal Savadhan looks like a promising affair


When it’s time you can’t actually do it, you don’t rise to the occasion. A Bollywood mainstream movie which is asking all these taboo and tricky questions that are serious and need to be addressed, even if this is not the original one. Shubh Mangal Savdhan is a Bollywood remake of the 2013 Tamil film Kalyana Samayal Sadham. At times for sure the true love is not that easy journey. Mudit (Ayushmann) and Sugandha was also known as Sagu (Pednekar) find this through a hard way when the male private part of the male lead character turns reaction less and limp, and whatever was supposed to be a passionate pre-material tumble rumbles into a deal-breaker. This Bollywood movie opens up on screens this week.


As it is obvious that R Prasanna plays it for the laughs, it is that kind of a film. If not, the problems arising out of the erectile dysfunction would take a shape of something which is dry anatomy lesson. Every other character in this movie which is knitted around the male lead character like Mudit’s mother and father, and female lead’s parents and younger brother, plus sundry uncles and aunts and best friends, all of them are part of the comic brigade.


When there is a right line for a right situation, the audience enjoys it so much more and everybody just laughs out loud. Both Mudit and Sagu have played their characters decent enough, they play a normal role which is close to reality and does the job. As they get busy in sipping and picnicking in un-manicured Delhi gardens. And almost everything cracks you up even more than the previous scene.


Pednekar has once again delivered a true hearty performance where she needs to find her true love. Ayushmann once more has done a very fine and refined job: from a Punjabi brat which he plays in Vicky Donor to a fellow who just can’t do it when it’s showtime are two different roles which are in all sense poles apart.






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