Top 3 features which you should know about WhatsApp




WhatsApp has been dominating the market since 2011 and starting from a small platform of chatting and changing into a big platform from 2011 till date many apps came to defeat WhatsApp, but no one was able to take the position of WhatsApp.


You can receive and send money

WhatsApp recently rolled down the UPI-based payment system in India. This is a helpful feature for the users where the payment will directly be credited to the recipient’s account. To use this feature both the sender and the receiver should have the WhatsApp payment account feature transact on their devices.


Delete the message feature

The last feature which was introduced was the delete mistake sends the message like sometimes a message and previously there was no feature of deleting the message, but now there is a feature which is known as “delete for everyone” through which the user could easily delete the message which was sent by mistake. When it was introduced, there was a time limit in deleting the message like within 7 minutes, but now as per reports, WhatsApp is soon going to increase the time from 7 minutes to 68 minutes.


Watch YouTube videos without ending the app

Now, you can play the videos directly in the app without getting out of the WhatsApp. As soon as you get the link to the conversation, you can just click on the link, and the floating window will open you can do both chatting and watch at the same time. No matter you change the chat the video will still continue to play.



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