Teenagers who drink and smoke weed a lot, fail to achieve their goal. Know the facts!




According to the latest study, teenagers who smoke weed and drink a lot lose their efficiency in achieving their goal when they turn to adults. Past research has revealed how marijuana has impacted people and disturb their psychological order. On the other hand, people who drink daily have high chances of getting contact to cancer which could be horrifying for them and their family.


Marijuana is very dangerous in today’s world especially for teenagers who have just started their life journey. In the future starting from their education to their marriage all can be affected and might make their case worse.


As per study, in the United States by Elizabeth Harari, more than 1150 people which she tested starting from age 12, the test found that when the test was done when the personage was 12 and then again when they got to test at the age of 25 she found many serious disorders especially the teenage group.


According to the University of Connecticut Professor Elizabeth Harari, “This study found that chronic marijuana use in adolescence was negatively associated with achieving important developmental milestones in young adulthood.”


In another interview, she said, ““Awareness of marijuana’s potentially deleterious effects will be important moving forward, given the current move in the US toward marijuana legalization for medicinal and possibly recreational use.”


I hope this article will surely alert all the parents and they will make sure their kids are out of these hazardous things like weed, hash or cocaine, any drugs may destroy the body and create several disorders which are detected in the future. The consequences of such drugs or liquor are always disturbing, moreover, if your kid who is in the teenage group and is into all this make him/her join the no drugs campaign as there are several camps out there which will help your kid to come out from the marijuana addiction.


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