Talking Dirty is An Art and This is How You Can Master it!


If you have mastered the art, you can take away the layers of inhibition and hesitation and unfold the desire and freedom to take someone over the boundaries and let them surrender to you. It is the way an artist makes love to the scenery you surrender yourself to it.


Your eyes say it all

It’s in the way you look at someone—the intensity in the glimmer of your eyes that reveals the most carnal desire within you. You look into their eyes, without shifting your gaze. Focus all your attention on your object of desire and affection.


A Smile worth millions

It’s the kind of smile that can spill secrets and hide lies. It’s the kind of smile that can make someone weak in the knees not because it’s gorgeous; but because it knows. Yes, it’s the kind of smile that knows what it wants, how to get it and where to strike first.



Your presence should stir her soul with an energy and chemistry that is palpable even from afar. Just one look, just one smile should make that someone want to writhe with desire and yearn for you.



 It’s that deep set voice that oozes so much confidence and surety that she begins to feel like she needs you to validate her existence. If you say black, it’s black. If you say white, it’s all white. You own the room and the other person in it.


That Touch

It’s the way your fingers leave trails on their skin. It’s the soft caressing that matches the gentleness of your voice. It’s about the way you wait until the very end to induce this one sense that can heighten every emotion you have expressed.



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