SNAPCHAT: Now you could tag other users in stories



Though the fact is, this feature is not a new introduction to the users as Instagram already has this feature and people are using it and enjoying the way Instagram runs. The main thing in the court is Snapchat users were eagerly waiting for this feature to come as stories of Snapchat are entirely different than the Instagram, starting from the features and the final presentation of the story Snapchat wins it all.


Now, you could easily [email protected] by tagging the user to you want to. As soon as you tag the respective person, the person will get the notification that the person has been tagged, and it’s the same like if another person clicks on the tagged person name the user will automatically be redirected to the users’ profile.


Though the feature is not working on all the phones, it’s yet to come on other phones too. Snapchat is a pioneer in stories, as the best feature of Snapchat is stories vanishes away after a set time. Starting from the viral stories to other stories wins everybody hearts.


Now, I would like to give you a complete description of how the Snapchat story feature will work, as soon as you shoot a video or click a picture you can write the text the same as you use to do and the only add-on feature with text you can tag the user @(someone user) and as soon as the user gets tagged he or she will get the notification and will also get the option of more to swipe up.


Snapchat is getting better and best like Instagram and Facebook as the app is being frequently updated with lots of new features, and lots of features are about to come, and it might beat the popularity of other apps in the market.



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