Selena Gomez just had a major surgery but she is recovering well


Very recently Selena Gomez has a kidney transplant from television actress Francia Raisa due to her struggle with lupus the singer revealed on Thursday. Selena Gomez shared this information via Instagram where he posted a picture and confirmed early Thursday that she has been somewhat out of the spotlight this summer due to the same issues and as she was recovering from the procedure. Selena Gomez calls the transplant “what I needed to do for my all-round health”

 Selena Gomez just had a major surgery but she is recovering well.

The post didn’t reveal Gomez’s current condition or say where or when the procedure took place. Selena Gomez’s team declined to release more information.


Selena wrote “there aren’t words to describe” how she can thank Raisa, who she says gave “the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney.” “I am incredibly blessed,” she added.


The Instagram picture which Selena posted of herself and Raisa holding hands while lying side=by-side in hospital beds and another picture of a scar on Selena’s abdomen. The 29 year-old Raisa is popular for her role in the ABC family drama series. “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Raisa’s publicist didn’t immediately return a request for comment Thursday.


Selena also revealed her lupus diagnosis in the year 2015 and took a break from her performances and singing career last year to deal with the situation of anxiety, panic attacks and depression stemming from her struggle with the disease. The disease causes fibrous tissue and inflammation of internal organs, skin rashes, and joint pain. It affects women nine times more than men. Organs affected by lupus include the kidneys, heart, and lungs.

 Selena Gomez just had a major surgery but she is recovering well.

Gomez got her start as a child actress before launching her music career. She appeared on

Selena got her start as a child actress just before launching her first music single and starting with her music career. She appeared on “Barney and Friends” before she became popular as a teen star on the Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place.” She then enjoyed a massive following on social media.  She has got the highest number of followers on the platform.



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