Samsung Galaxy S9 camera Features, All you need to know!!!




Samsung Galaxy S9 is better and one of the best smartphone with best features on the line of smartphones, all the expensive phones are coming out with one of the best camera technologies with sharp features and better results.


The phone is better and no doubt expensive it will be out from March 16 at the price of $720 and in other countries, it will be about $800. However, purchase under this high segment phones when your phone is next to dead.


The phone has bigger and better features than the Samsung Galaxy S8, and on the other hand, when the phone was checked in the low light conditions the pictures were captured well and bright, the contrast combination was beautiful and elegant.


Guess what? Bixby is also there but not like the S8, in Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby voice is better and clear, choose your language and go on, it can even deal long passages and documents, and the best part in Bixby is it can even handle Indonesia language too.


Now, one of the cool camera features is the Freezing motion which helps you to click pictures in the slo-mo mode in which you can feel every picture, like clicking a picture of the waterfall or jumping into the swimming pool. The features work well in the day mode with good lighting conditions.


The other best feature is for the people who are gym freaks if you want to know how much calories you have intake you can check it out by pointing your S9 camera on the dish and check how much calorie you are about to take today and see whether your gym is allowing you or not.


Overall, The Samsung S9 camera supported software works perfectly fine especially in the low light conditions like it takes back to back 12 shots, and secondly, the face recognition camera works well no scans up the whole retina, the reports say that it works better than S8.


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