Samsung Galaxy S8 available on all Microsoft Stores with Microsoft preloaded launcher


Samsung is known as one of the best smartphones in India for its overall performance, the best of the best in its Galaxy series, the prominent phone of this series which is still flourished and known as the flagship phone of the Samsung is Samsung Galaxy S8.


Now, it’s on the verge of breaking more records of selling because now the Microsoft has started selling the flagship phone on all its major stores across the world.


You might be thinking what difference it has made if the phone is available on the leading stores of the Microsoft, the different is Samsung Galaxy S8 will be preloaded will all its features like OneNote, Outlook, Excel, Word and Cortona and on the other hand, as per reports, it also includes Microsoft launcher which is the best part of the phone.


The work of Microsoft launcher is great for business meetings like if you want to access your events for the day and future event, you can use the calendar in which everything is saved as per the detail mentioned by you and gives faster access to recent documents.


If you go a few days back, Microsoft started selling its phone Razer which has created a boom in the market which is very good and now they are selling Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 plus with a new price which is lesser by $150 from the market which is excellent.


Overall if you will read the news that Windows phone is not performing well if you compare it with big tycoons in the smartphones market, Apple and Samsung are the only prominent sellers who are dominating the market from many years.


As per Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella Microsoft is preparing hard for the next year and will come again in the market with new phones which will be super lucky for the year 2018.


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