REVEALED! Fears & phobia of these Bollywood stars


Bollywood stars are just normal human beings, normal and abnormal things do affect them in a similar manner like it does to a common person.


All of us have developed some or the other fear of some sort, irrespective of being rational or irrational. There is not much of a difference, it is only if we talk about our fears it will not become a headline of next day’s newspapers.


SRK has an equinophobia which means fear of horses. This is one of the reasons you will not find him around horses.  


Vidya Balan is not a huge fan of cats, she is really scared of cats in general.


Arjun Kapoor surely has one odd phobia which is the fear of fans, fear of ceiling fans for Arjun is something really serious. This is the major reason why the actor doesn’t have any ceiling fans in his house. 


Sonam Kapoor is scared of entering and taking elevators, she is afraid of elevators to that extent that she always chooses to take the staircase, number of floors doesn’t matter for her.


The Rockstar of Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor might have the world at its feet, but the moment he finds a cockroach near him, he starts to panic. Yes, the actor is afraid of cockroaches. Funny, isn’t it? 


Ajay Devgan is fond of cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to godliness for Ajay. The actor cannot bear eating with hands. Even if he has to eat a chapatti, he uses a fork. 


Alia Bhatt has one fear which is quite common amongst most of us and we encountered it as kids. She is afraid of darkness and sleeps with dim lights on! 



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