PORNHUB: Stated “They will ban ‘deepfake’ AI-edited videos



Pornhub is the first platform which will ban the ‘deepfake’ AI-edited videos. The company clearly stated that it would not tolerate any non-sense content on their site as the site is already running heavy and such fake face photoshop videos are useless and the users might stop visiting because of such nonconsensual content on the site.


Such kind of nonconsensual video content on the site might create a huge loss to the company as the owner of the face in the video never allowed you to post such videos, according to the outside real world the video is fake, like for an example any fake celebrity video by putting the face on somebody else’s face, it may create a big problem. On the other hand, Pornhub is a huge platform of good porn videos. All the videos are not made to be misused or uploading fake videos.



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