Periods in Winter can be worse




According to the new research, periods in winter can be worse for women’s in winters. The doctors of London clinical department have revealed that as the days are darker and short and night are long, the mood can have an adverse effect on the hormones which may cause a swing in mood.


As per reports, Sunshine gives us Vitamin D which boosts blood pressure and mood and motivate you in the best way possible, what happens in winters is most of the time you live in indoor and eat more. On the other hand, women who are more active are able to manage their periods well as they move out and work more.


In the research, it’s also been revealed that women in summers have more hormone secretion and the pain is less if we compare it with winters. Sometimes the pain is more it changes as per body, According to  Dr Preethi Daniel, Clinical Director from London Doctors Clinic, “If symptoms of low mood are so bad you cannot motivate yourself to go to work or enjoy the things you usually do, you should consider whether this is seasonal affective disorder or depression.”



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