Is OnePlus 5T is coming your way? Leaks for the device are out again


if we go as per the rumours around the OnePlus devices, there is a new wave of speculations coming this way. Even though it is too early to report this since we have just noticed the launch of the new OnePlus 5 device earlier this year, but now there are actual speculations that OnePlus 5T might be coming our way. The OnePlus5 is expected to be slightly different in terms of design from the OnePlus 5, this one might have an almost bezel-less screen that has an aspect ratio for 18:9.

This piece of information is disclosed by a new leak of the phone by Slashleaks. The leaked render shows the front side of the phone, but with an edge to edge design. This design looks very similar to what we have already seen in many other devices lately such as, V20 and V30. Also, one interesting thing to notice here is that OnePlus 5T maybe not have the fingerprint sensor on the front.

If one really must agree to these rumors and given if they are accurate, then most certainly the OnePlus 5 will come with a display which is bezel-free and which is even bigger than the OnePlus 5. It is possible that the 5T might have a 6-inch display. Oppo family of phones is coming out with a series of devices which will have a 6-inch display like Oppp R11.

There will be a dual camera set-up added to that as the OnePlus 5. The new device will have a metal body just like that of the OnePlus 5. Keeping the 6GB RAM, 64GB internal storage combo in the OnePlus 5T that is there in the OnePlus 5.

It is expected to arrive by the end of this year. The only part of this news which is certain right now is that the OnePlus 5T, whenever it hits the global scene will be launched in India at the same time.



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