Now you can use Facebook to sync and login if you are a Pokémon Go Player.




Hello all Pokémon Go Players out there, now the American Software development company Niantic has made the login for Facebook and sync easier for all the Pokémon Go Players.


Now, no need to log in, again and again, disturbing your game and then logging in to your Facebook account now you can directly login to your game by linking your account in the simplest way so that you can process with multiple accounts at one time.


On the other hand, you will not be able to lose the access to other accounts like if you are working on some important document or anything the access will not break your account.


The best part from Niantic is like if you are not a frequent user of Social media and you just use your school email accounts or Gmail accounts you can use that too. If the feature is sounding you useful, then you can go ahead and make changes in the setting menu for the future.

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