NEW UPDATE: Facebook artificial intelligence will find in untagged photos



On Tuesday, Facebook announced the latest Facebook updates which includes feature of Facebook recognition in which even if you are not tagged, and if you are there in that photo you will get the notification that you might be one in the picture, this amazing feature will help you to report the photo if you don’t want and you can even ask your friend to remove the photo.


The feature is optional you can enable or disable from the settings, if you are there in the profile picture of somebody’s and you are untagged, then you will instantly be notified by the Facebook auto recognition feature. The review section kept a record of all your untagged but recognized photo through which Facebook recognizes that it might be you in someone’s else picture.


Facebook wrote in their blog post, You’re in control of your image on Facebook and can make choices such as whether to tag yourself, leave you untagged, or reach out to the person who posted the photo if you have concerns about it.”


Further, they have written that “When you have face recognition enabled, our technology analyzes the pixels in photos you’re already tagged in and generates a string of numbers we call a template. When photos and videos are uploaded to our systems, we compare those images to the template.”


Facebook will also introduce the feature for visually impaired people, as soon as they use the screen viewer they will get to know who is appearing in their newsfeed.


The starting of the next year Facebook will also update the new feature of video recognition and overarching photos, it will delete the Facebook template and old photo suggestions, so that the automatic suggestion which appears now as soon as you upload a group picture for tagging your friend, it will be removed.


The all-new upgraded feature will be updated in mostly all the places, except Canada and Europe, where they will not offer face recognition feature because of privacy.



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