NEW RESEARCH: Low Alcohol Consumption helps in cleaning your Brain.




There is not a single doubt that alcohol may harm your health, as it can cause heart attack and many other serious health issues but, according to new research people who are consuming low alcohol might not face health issues and causes less chances of risks like cancer and cardiovascular problems.


According to the new US research, little alcohol may be suitable for health as it helps in the process of cleaning brain and reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.


There is a system in the human brain which is known as the glymphatic system which flushes away the wastage present in the brain, and the study showed that how alcohol protects and helps in clearing the waste from the brain.


As per new research physical exercise is also a good option to remove all the wastage of your brain, so low consumption of alcohol, sleep and a bit of physical exercise surely cleans your brain.


According to researcher Nedergaard, “The data on the effects of alcohol on the glymphatic system seemingly matches the J-shaped model relating to the dose effects of alcohol on general health and mortality, whereby low doses of alcohol are beneficial, while excessive consumption is detrimental to overall health.”


Two or half glass of alcohol will surely go to help you in this process, and it will not only improve your physical strength and boost your thinking power as well.



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