Mumbai: Women Breastfeeding baby girl molested in kalwa Civil Hospital



A 25-year old woman gave birth to a baby girl at Kalwa Civil hospital on December 7, but the newly born baby was diagnosed with Jaundice and was immediately shifted in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) since her birth on December 7.


The woman told the police, that early morning when she was breastfeeding her child in the NICU section of Kalwa Civil Hospital the man who was wearing the doctor clothes and face covered with a mask, groped her from the back when she tried to push him back he grabbed her clothes. But somehow she managed to run out of the ward with her child.


This shameful act should not be tolerated, people of our society are hooligans no matter what happens, strict action should be imposed on the accused dressed in a doctors attire hiding his face with the mask in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital. Police are at work and watching all the CCTV footage of the hospital to deal the matter as fast as they could and in the best way possible.


The incident has shocked the women as she suffered the pain just four days ago, the C-section surgery is really painful, and now this mental trauma how difficult would be for the women to heal up from the pain caused by the accused.


According to the Senior inspector of Kalwa Police Station Shekhar Badge, “We are checking the CCTV footage to determine whether the accused is a hospital staffer or an outsider, and further he also said that The hospital dean, Sandhya Khade, did not respond to calls and messages.


Who is responsible for this case? The security, the people or we should blame ourselves for this problem. Well, this is a never-ending debate thing should be cleared up in this case as quickly as possible and the women should get justice, share the story as much as you can.


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