Model Lauren Wasser may lose her another leg from Tampon Toxic Shock.



At the age of 24, model Lauren Wasser nearly died because from the Tampon toxic shock and lost her leg, and this time she says to media that she might lose another leg because of the Tampon shock.


Lauren Wasser told media, “Had I known toxic shock was real, and had I seen someone that had either lost limbs or spoke about it publicly, and I would have never used tampons.”


What is Tampon Toxic Shock?

Toxic shock syndrome is complication caused by toxins from the bacteria from the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus which is found mainly in women’s body. In 1980’s Toxic shock syndrome caused the death of many young women because of mensurational problem.

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The model is really brave, and her artificial golden leg is damaged because of the TSS. Lauren told media that in the year 2012, she met with an accident doctors wanted to cut off both the legs but she demanded that one should be left so that she could fight in the world.

She even told media that she is in immense pain daily. Los-Angeles based model also promotes and fight for the girl’s hygiene products, it should be used with proper doctor’s consult. She told Washington, “I think this is my purpose and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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She also said further, “Toxic Shock Syndrome cost me my leg, but, years later, I have since dedicated myself to raising awareness about TSS prevention, I want to educate women about the potential risks of using tampons. TSS has been killing and harming women for more than 30 years: let that sink in. How many lives is it going to take for something to change?”

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According to the reports, she works with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney of New York to promote the awareness for the hygiene products, even with her legislations National Institutes of Health takes care of the products which are launched everyday, because she didn’t want what happened to her should happen to anybody else in the whole world.


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