Which kind of guy could possibly give you the best orgasm? Funny, is the word



As per the latest study was done by the Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology the kind of people-or man that could possibly give you best orgasm is the guy who is funny. Yes, you are right this study goes on to prove that the funny one is very much capable of giving women the best kind of orgasm that she is looking, indeed a very intense one or mostly the best orgasms of her life. As per the science at least.

In any way, women do love men who have a good sense of humor and can make them laugh about anything and everything almost. A man with a good sense of humor will always end up in a win-win situation with a girl, and obviously, that would possibly make you top her list as well. But when it comes to making her feel things down south, the funny guy is the winner again

As per the study which was conducted to reach a conclusion in this research which was done on over 103 single men, who were asked a bunch of question about their sex lives and how often do they orgasm and the kinda guys they are into or would like to be with on the bed. As per the study and rating pattern also, the partners to be attractive also had the best orgasm with the funny people.

Especially as per the study, while the looks and the confidence of the man to play a role in mind, a spectacular sense of humor in a guy is the sexiest personality trait, which does lead women to the best and the most intense kind of orgasm. So as per the study to judge how funny the guy is, it can then be directly related to how good an orgasm can possibly give you.



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