It’s Proven! Real Reason Why Men Love Big Boobs. Read Here To Find Out!


While women have been trying to find the answer to it since ages, there’s finally a guy who has come up with a scientific theory to back us up here. Yes, we men love breasts and we have a bloody good reason to think about them all the time. No, we’re not saying it, science is.

As per some detailed study by the scientists, the human evolution has led to a neural circuit that works on the same lines between couples as between a kid and the mother. In that case, both the bonds use a very similar brain circuit to function. Same way as the babies love breasts, on the same line man has grown up with a special liking towards breasts.


When breastfeeding is done by a mother to her baby, a neuro oxytocin, also called the love drug, is released in her brain to assure her attention towards the baby. Nipple stimulation acts on the same part of the brain as vaginal stimulation and thus it can be said that the neurochemical oxytocin released while breast feeding also causes sexual interest in women, making her focused on her partner during the sexual act.

So now you know! Next time when your partner has few questions to ask you about your fondness love for breasts, you know how to counter that.


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