iPhone will touch greater heights with the Apple iPhone X


iPhone X pre-orders are not opening for another few weeks, but the demand and interest for the Apple’s forthcoming flagship iPhone are already quite strong. According to a new 4,000-person survey put together by RBC Capital Markets, 28% share of the respondents suggested that they’re interested in purchasing the iPhone X. As on the other hand, 17% of the people in the survey expressed their interest in the iPhone 8 with 20% expressing an interest in the iPhone 8 Plus.


As the survey helps to confirm that the thesis that rich feature set and unique design of the iPhone X will enable a mix shift toward it despite its significant price premium,” this was said in one of the research which was received. What is more, is that the survey also revealed that 57% of individuals interested in the iPhone X is likely to opt for the pricier 256GB model as opposed to the 64GB model. This, of course, all bodes well for Apple given that the 256GB model carries a $150 premium over the lower tiered model.


As a fact of reality, most of the Apple fans who are waiting to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone are actually waiting to get their hands on the iPhone X as opposed to picking up the iPhone 8, which while a solid device, looks essentially the same as Apple’s 2014 iPhone 6 lineup.


As the iPhone users have historically never had a problem paying a premium price a premium product, the success of the iPhone X will likely to be predicated on the fact that how well will the Face ID performs relative to touch ID and how users take to the somewhat controversial notch design of the iPhone X. That said, if early interest is any indication, it appears that the iPhone X is set to become a mega-hit.


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