Your iPhone can now run the latest iOS 11 available to download


Apple’s latest mobile operating system is now available for a free download. The iOS 11 is up and running, the redesigned software packs in substantial changes and minor tweaks, some you may never even see. The update is available only on smartphones as far back till iPhone 5S. In the meantime, the iPhone 8 hits the store on Friday, also the iPhone X is coming later this year itself.

 Your iPhone can now run the latest iOS 11 available to download

Now that you can download the iOS 11 today does not mean you probably should. Follow some classic advice here: Which is waiting until Apple releases its first minor update. especially if you’re on an older device. The first version of the operating system anyway should invariably have some betas available, it’s likely that Apple has already begun the work through some major software related issues.


The Control centre was always a bit troubled. In its most recent incarnation, it was split into windows: one for music and one for everything else. In iOS 11, it is for simplifies and fills the whole screen on an iPhone. You can even customize what setting appear. The buttons look well-built and brightness and sliders work very well.


Augmented reality is finally a thing which has arrived in the palm of your hand, Augmented reality apps use the iPhone and iPad’s cameras, gyroscopes and accelerometers to sense where you are in the world. It is highly advanced and accurate for a technology which is new in the world of smartphones.


Apple is also giving a lot more information to Siri, about your habits to help it predict what you will want to do next. The smarts show up in other places where Siri doesn’t talk. For example, auto-suggestions in Messages and search for sure populates based on the last thing you were reading on Safari.




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