Instagram has just upgraded the app for Halloween and it is scary in a great way


Just a few days before the Halloween, Instagram has included a camera format called Superzoom that helps you dramatize your video. As the Photo sharing app has also brought a whole new bunch of Halloween centric face filters and stickers that will be available until November 1. This brand-new feature is available for Android and iOS devices with the latest and updated version of the Instagram app. The app version is 20.0, as this is already available on the App Store and Google Play.


Initially, first in the line of new updates that the Instagram app for Android and iOS has got an update for the Superzoom feature, which will let you add few elements of fun to your simple video along with a dramatic background sound. Something else can be done here too, which is that you can opt for a new camera format by tapping on the Superzoom option, which will be next to the Boomerang- under the record button to add a three sec, zoom effect with a suspenseful music to your clips as well. You can then use the front as well as the rear cameras to add the ultrazoom effects with the shots.


This option of Superzoom will be an extension to Boomerang, which was first seen as a native app back in 2015 and eventually came as a feature on the Instagram in November 2016. It was first revealed for people to create looping videos.


Instagram has additionally added the face filters that allows you to transform your face or one of your loved ones’ face into a zombie, vampire, flying bat or hide it under mysterious fog to celebrate the day with horror.


Instagram added this feature which will allow the users to transform their face or of their friends into a zombie, flying bat or even a vampire or you can even add it under mysterious fog to celebrate the horror day. As per the data received, in September, the photo-sharing app announced that they have now achieved a benchmark of 800 million users.



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