Ideal AC temperature to save electricity



Gone are the days, when purchasing Air conditioner was regarded as one of the tough tasks, and it was regarded as the luxury for the people in the world. But nowadays, everyone can afford the luxury Air Conditioner even the urban areas can afford and using it but have you ever give a thought how an ideal AC temperature can save electricity.

One of the main thing which helps in saving your electricity is the temperature you set while switching on your Air Conditioner.

How does an Air Conditioner run?
Everybody in the old days have used coolers, what was its work it throws the outer air by cooling it same goes for the air conditioner but it takes the internal air not the external air, it catches the internal air, or you can say the indoor air of your house cools it down and passes in your room.

What’s the work of Compressor and how does it stops?

The compressor is regarded as one of the critical parts of the Air conditioner and also one of the most electricity consumption part in the Air conditioner. So, always keep an ideal AC temperature to save electricity. On the other hand, how compressor stops while Air conditioner is on when the thermostat reaches up to the desired level as thermostat keeps a check of the indoor temperature like if you set the temperature 18˚C as soon as the room temperature decreases the compressor fan will be off and as soon as the room temperature increases it starts blowing and does the same procedure again by consuming heavy electricity. But as said and checked by many if you set the temperature to 25˚C then it might work in one flow and will not increase your electricity bills.

Now, I would like to discuss some of the factors that affect the air conditioner electricity consumption are as follows:-

*Outdoor temperature
*Indoor temperature
*Perfect Temperature setting
*Thermal insulation



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