Hello, Non-smokers Do you want 6 days Paid Leave? Join this firm of Japan!



Would you quit smoking, if you are getting a bonus through it?
What a compensate for the non-smoker employees in one of the Japanese firms is remarkable as they get additional six days paid leave, this is the compensation which the smokers waste their time on smoking.
According to the reports, the office is on the 29th floor, and the smoking lounge is on the ground floor. However, smokers who go for smoking discuss official things only but in comparison, if we will see then there is less pressure on the Japan for smoking, so the people who are smoking can quit it with this efficient method.
The program was started here from September 1 in this firm and from then till this date, 40 employees have already quit the smoking, and as per reports of the company if these employees continue without smoking for the next six months they will be given this advantage of 6 days additional leave.
This is the first effort which I could see in Japan for smoking because the ratio of the smokers is very less if you compare it with other countries, the average rate of Japan smokers is the males who smoke is 28 percent and if we talk about females is 9 percent only.


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