BE HEALTHY! Drink 100 percent fruit juice


100 percent


If you want to be healthy, drink 100 percent fruit juice. Don’t worry if you are a gym freak guy it will not increase the sugar level of your body.


According to the previous study, 100 percent fruit juice was never a dangerous issue for your body, and the study also revealed that it doesn’t create Type 2 diabetes.


Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder where the body fails to respond to the body’s insulin, to overcome from this disease you need to eat healthy and regular exercise and best diet chart should be followed on a regular basis.


Sometimes, fasting blood insulin may cause serious disorder in your body, now what can protect your body is the 100 percent fruit juice of berry, apple, grape, citrus or pomegranate. You can intake about 120ml a day like 1-2 cups of fresh 100 percent fruit juice which boosts your body immune system and helps in fighting various serious issues in your body.



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