Hair transplant is an old phenomenon in Bollywood


Certainly, use of technology to enhance your looks is a very common thing nowadays. Especially among Indian celebrities, as they need to look flawless on-screen as well as off-screen. Trendsetters of the country can’t miss even a strand of hair when it comes to styling and fashion.


As we all know, even a little bit of a Bollywood news is of mass-attention. One of these is hair balding and transplantation of Indian celebrities. Hair balding is a very common problem endured by men. Hence finding solutions to this and instead of adopting any age-defying techniques, celebrities prefer to undergo hair transplantation to cure this problem.


Recently, Salman Khan was in the news for the same reason. He had already undergone this treatment once and was undergoing the same treatment yet again. But he is not the only one to be in the news for hair transplantation, there are much more who remained in the limelight for the same.


As the actor started getting bald years back and it was speedily increasing, he chose to get hair transplanted. Since he was in demand and his career had a long way to go, he went to Dubai for undergoing this process.


Kapil Sharma whose growth in the industry and changing style is not hidden from anyone. The famous Indian comedy king has to change his look to compliment his personality and growing fame on the silver screen.


Bollywood stars are dependent on their looks to get the best roles and movies. Therefore, depleting hair could be a very important reason to be cautious about. Sanjay Dutt was also concerned about his career and decided to go through hair restoration process.


These celebs have made the best use of technology for their personality enhancement and to appear attractive.


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