Google might be on the verge of acquiring mobile makers HTC


Google the major player in the smartphone market now is planning to buy HTC’s mobile division as this move could see Google go ahead to the fellow rivals Apple and Samsung once it is done. HTC has already made Google’s Pixel phones, and as per the reports and claims from the commercial Times, which says that the company is now ‘ in the final stages’ of the acquisition in the entire division. As this would also help Google to make a better and a successful handset than the Pixel, as it would allow HTC to focus on more key areas such as Vive VR headset.

 Google might be on the verge of acquiring mobile makers HTC

If we go by the reports, the deal could be announced anytime soon by the end of this year. In the year 2012 Google made a $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola. But, Google decided to treat Motorola just like other regular Android device maker and decided to sell Motorola to Lenovo in two years’ time for less than 3 billion dollars.


As very soon Google will be launching the latest Pixel handset next month. Rumours have been swirling for months about Google’s next Pixel smartphones, if we go by the latest reports, they suggest that we may finally have a release date. Some experts on Twitter suggested that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be out on October 2.


As these rumours on Twitter were followed up by some images earlier this month, as they claim to display Pixel 2 device in it.

Also, if we must go by the pictures online, it seems like the coming up device will have a curved display and a back with glass as predicted. Also, to keep in mind that one thing missing, Google is planning to follow Apple’s footstep and get rid of the headphone jack for the upcoming device.


Pixel 2 is about to get launched in the later part of this year, and the device will directly compete with Apple’s iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.






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