Google Maps will let you share your phones battery life.




Everybody loves doing parties every weekend or twice in a month and what if your battery is draining and in the zeal of the party you forget to charge your phone, or you forget the charger at your home? Your family might face difficulties in finding you they might start worrying as your phone will not work.


But with the latest technology by the Android Police which has given the code on the Google maps, that’s the beta code through which the user will get a metric of the user’s battery status(not the exact status), but it will show you the near about value of the status.


Through this you can quickly get to know the status of your friend who is at late night parties and the battery is drained, you can get to know why your friend’s phone is switched off if there is any battery issue you will get to know in seconds.


Apart from the battery status, the code will also share your exact location of the time arrival and departure of a particular stop. Google Maps are gaining popularity these days with these kinds of innovations in their app which is pretty cool. The Android developers are trying to upgrade may new features also day by day which would surely bring a better insight of the apps and Android users will surely love the app.



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