Fitbit is coming with a series of smartwatches in 2018




Fitbit is always known for its fit bands which half of the youngsters as well as seniors use to measure their daily fitness level. So that they work hard or less to make their body fitness level in a good manner.


According to the reports from the company, the company says that they will produce a family of smartwatches this year and will make sure that they launch the best smartwatches for the mass in context to health and fitness options more and more as possible.


The main reason behind launching this product is to increase the declining sale which is declining day by day. Last year the company faced the total loss of $277.2 million and on the other hand, the company sold off around 15.3 million smartwatches and tracker but still can’t crossed the loss and walking on the same path where it was that’s the reason the company has announced to bring the smartwatches for masses to explore the world of Fitbit as everybody is very conscious about their health in today’s world.


The main rival in the market for Fitbit is the watches by Apple who are one of the topmost selling watches in the market, let’s wait for the launch and see what best Fitbit is about to bring in the market.


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