Exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment



Weight loss is becoming a serious problem in all the human beings these days. People are becoming gym freaks day by day to maintain themselves and to look outrageous at parties and other events. The main motive of exercise is because of the universal society standards and on the other hand, exercise helps you in burning the toxic substances like endorphins in your body and makes your immune system strong. In this article, I will tell you the exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment.


But, many lazy people all around the world are not used to the gym and other activities like brisk walking, running, or lifting heavy weights but still they want to lose weight by sitting back at home and working out on their body.


Here are the 5 best exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment which will help you to lose weight and will show some good results within a month:-


  1. Push-ups

Push-ups work out to keep your body warm before a heavy workout, how you can complete some sets at home without using any machine.

Lie down straight and lower down your chest between your hands by keeping your head upwards. You will do it better in front of the mirror, and if you face any difficulty in doing push-ups, you can touch your knees on the ground while doing it but you will see more effect without touching the knees on the ground.


2.  Squats

Everybody loves squats, as it stretches and helps your body to open up the muscles of thighs, legs, and hips. Squats helps in carving your legs and buttocks muscles. If you take a margin by doing 10 minutes continuously, then you can burn about 100 calories in one single set.


3. Skipping

One of the best and oldest exercises which we use to do in our childhood, this is best for both the genders. On an average, if you do 10-15 minutes daily, you are most likely to burn around 1500 calories in a day. Keep this workout intense like anything.


4. Plank

The planning exercise can do wonders for your body, as soon as you get habitual to it, you will see instant results to your body.

Put your hands, just like you do it in the pushups. Go slow as it takes a lot of effort in doing the plank exercise, you need to go down as you do in push-ups. Practice a lot before you go fast.


5. Crunches

This is the best exercise for losing belly fat. It tightens your abdominal muscles and decreases your belly fat. Do atleast 3 set of 50 crunches you will see the change in your body which will make you feel good.


So, these are the five best exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment. Hope you get fit soon after reading this article, for more news on health and fitness tune in with us for daily news.



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