Cry your heart out, it will help!


Life is a painful journey, fraught with unbearable moments.

While some choose to brave the storms with a straight face, others resort to crying, to empty their emotional burdens. While it is admirable to be strong, crying can help in ways one cannot imagine.


One cannot emphasize on the unfairness of life enough. It inspires us to achieve our goals, pushes us to work hard, and when we’re an inch away from achieving it, it is whisked away in front of our very eyes. The pain of loss is insurmountable and we’re only left with dashed hopes and broken dreams for company. Mankind has been sired with an extensive threshold for pain. It can sustain its life amid the wildest and the most devastating of storms in life and still remain standing.


No one is expected to go through life without a single tear. With a crumbling heart, it is extremely difficult to wear a smile on one’s face and pretend that things are alright. Holding on to the pain will only aggravate the emotional fallibility.


Men have been forced to live in the social construct of being strong in the face of adversity. The men who cry have had their masculinity questioned. People need to realize that there is nothing wrong in expressing grief. Sometimes a good cry gives one the impetus to let go of the pain and move forward with their lives


Crying is sometimes the only resort left to try. By crying your heart out, you are making the mental promise to be stronger in future. Thus when emotions well up, let them out, it’ll only help you get over your grief faster.


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