BEWARE! Breast cancer can come back after successful treatment.



Breast cancer can reemerge again in a women’s body after years of successful treatment this is according to the latest study reports.

Women in past if suffered from the small tumors can escape this problem, but women with large tumors have 50% chances of getting resurfaced into this issue.

According to doctors, this problem could vanish away with the hormone therapy only, and they claim that it might not finish from the roots but yes the resurface of breast cancer could go away.

As per reports, more than 50,000 women in the United States have faced this problem and still fighting for their lives for 20 years, and this is freaking scary.

Please note down women, the hormone which gives roots and because of that the infection which grows again is known as oestrogen. This hormone blockage could only be done through aromatase and tamoxifen which stops the hormones supply.

If the cancer is small and hasn’t reached the lymph nodes, then the chances are less. Otherwise, the study says that it could be turned into a worst case in days.

What’s the best thing as per recent study is 10 years of regular hormone therapy of the patient could be the best option one can do to prevent breast cancer. But, as per research, there are side effects of hormone therapy which may affect patient span of life.
According to Proffesor Arnie Purushottham of Cancer Research, “he said that we are looking forward and making tests for the breast cancer and making a strategy to stop this thing and we are also trying to test hormone therapy for five years instead of 6 years and medicines are also being made to fight with it.”

I hope through this article women who are suffering from the breast cancer will help themselves by taking a good doctor’s advice of how to stop and from when they should start taking therapies via doctor consultation.


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