Arrest warrant out for Arshi Khan will be soon arrested from the big boss house




The court of Jalandhar has issued an arrest warrant against Arshi Khan, the big boss contestant of season 11 one of the good running contestants of the reality show hosted by Color’s TV. The court has issued the warrant for Arshi Khan for not being present on the court’s date from the past three months.


However, it’s still not clear when she as to evict the house as Jalandhar police can come anytime they want as per warrant, but the reports say that till January 15 the warrant has been held as the finale date is January 15 so after she has to present in the court anyhow.


The case is serious as Arshi Khan has violated the rules and regulation and hurt the peoples sentiments in the city Jalandhar, Punjab as she painted India and Pakistan flags on her semi-naked body which is such a shame and on the other hand, the court sources says that the order is still not cancelled and it will surely be taken into consideration, the court has already ordered to arrest her from the big boss house.


The police official of Jalandhar said, “We will go by the directions of the court in this regard.” Now the regard which he is talking about in his statement is Arshi was locked from October 1 in the Big Boss house that’s the reason she was not able to present in the court which is not in her hands, so there are chances that they may have to wait till January 15, 2018. She is no doubt a serious legal trouble for the Big Boss 11, as per reports she was also arrested once for sex racket in Goa.

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