Ambrane launches a new fitness band. But is it as good as the Mi band?



Fitness bands are getting popular amongst people in quick time. They are finding their way onto more and more people’s wrists as we get conscious about health. While fitness bands have been around for quite some time now, the Xiaomi Mi Band did a lot to improve popularity because of its low price. The first generation of the Mi Band was affordable and offered a lot of features. It was an opening into the fitness band market that was untapped, and we now have a lot of fitness bands at similarly affordable price points to pick from.

It is not only about what it does, it is also about how it looks. The Ambrane Flexi Fit gets the design right and looks much better than most other options.

If you need detailed logging and to keep track of your activity, you’ll need to download the Flexi Fit app from the Android or iOS app store. Little different from the Mi Band series, you don’t need to set up an account. The fitness band is easy to pair with smartphones and shows a Bluetooth icon when connected. You don’t necessarily need to keep the phone paired all the time, as the band can record and store data, and sync it the next time you’re connected.

The Ambrane Flexi Fit has all the essential features you would expect from a fitness band. Distance and sleep tracking are fairly accurate and we didn’t find much to complain about. Heart-rate tracking is average in normal mode but with the exercise mode on, tends to deliver not so accurate results. Compared to the Mi Band 2, the heart rate sensor is not very accurate but the step and sleep tracking are, and the added features could make it better value for money. If you need a fitness band to track your routine and find the Mi Band 2 out of stock, this is not at all a bad alternative.




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