AMAZING INDIA: Domino’s Employee Wins Rs. 9,43,49,014 in Online Casino




The lucky incident happened two weeks ago and came to the limelight of the media today. A man named Vihaan Patel, 27 years old from Ballari. He is a simple man doing his normal desk job in Dominos and married living a happy and simple life.


At his break, he was playing the online casino of free spins at Grand Mondial Casino, where he had nothing to lose and spent his 15 minutes break to try his luck there, and you will not imagine what happened in next 10 minutes.


In his break when he was scrolling the Facebook he saw the online free spin game where he got 15 free spins to try his luck, and in just one single spin he won Rs. 9,43,49, 014 in just 5 seconds. He was frequently changing his job from the past 9 months, and after winning this much amount, his job eventually came to an end with full of joy and laughter.


He surprised his wife Anya, next morning. Here is Anya’s experience after she got this news, “I just didn’t believe it at first,” says Vihaan. “I thought it was all a dream after Claiming my free spins. I hit the jackpot on Mega Moolah. I confirmed my age & claimed ₹9,43,49,014 in my bank. I was shocked it was deposited in my bank the next day! I couldn’t wait to share the news with my wife. Tears started swelling up in my eyes, and I knew this was all real.”

The dominos employee is viral trending news in India these days, and everybody is trying his or her luck in the free online spins.

After hearing this news, many tried but walks away with 10,000 or 15,000. On the other hand, this promotion offer by the Mondial Casino is only for a limited time valid until December 22.


However, everyone is waiting for the date extension of the Casino promotional offer, we are following the Casino, lets see what reports they issue regarding the offers which they are running, on the other hand, lets see what next Vihaan a normal domino’s employee and Anya his wife do with their money next, right now they are travelling with their kid.



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