AMAZING: 512 Years old Shark found in Wild




It’s amazing and interesting thing to discover that a shark who has lived around 512 years that means before Shakespeare. According to the researchers, the shark might have born in the year 1505, which is the year when King Henry VIII announced his engagement with Catherine of Aragon and on the other hand, Martin Luther becomes a monk, that’s pretty interesting.


Out of the 28 Greenland sharks, this shark is the oldest, and when they weighed, it was more than a tonne. These sharks live in -1C to 10C waters and can swim as deep as 7,200ft.


According to Sun, This particular shark, one of 28 Greenland sharks to be analyzed by the scientists, was measured at 18 feet in length and weighed over a tonne, meaning it could be anywhere between 272 and 512 years old. The shark’s potential age was revealed in a study in the Science journal.


Now, you might be thinking that how the shark age was measured, the age was calculated after the shark’s length was measured. Greenland sharks are known for a longer living span of almost 400 years.


These elderly sharks mostly eat small fishes, water horses, and reindeer but as per studies, the Norway water animals have poisonous meat. The Arctic University is currently researching on the animal’s DNA as they measure the lifespan, like how they live for such a long period.



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