YouTube has got a fresh look. Refreshed with material and logo designs.

Google has finally paid attention to do a makeover for one of their most popular offering, YouTube. The platform is getting a brand-new identity since its launch 12 years ago. This is the first time the logo and icon of the platform are getting changed.


YouTube has been testing the fresh look for quite some time now and they first previewed it in the month of May. Additionally, the company is also bringing additional updates to mobile apps as well. To kick start with the new logo, YouTube product office said that the new logo and new icon have been designed for the multi-screen world and reflect a refreshed approach.
YouTube is of the opinion that the Material design, apart from delivering a fresh, simple and intuitive user experience. With the revamped look, the users will also get to experience a new dark themed background which will just add to the new clean look of the platform and give a theatre like a feel.
YouTube mobile apps will receive more of gesture based updates, as you are watching a video. In the next few months, the new gesture feature will let users move from videos to videos with a simple right swipe. Initially, the users were not able double tap on left or right of the video to fast forward or go back 10 seconds or something. The new feature will allow the users to fix on the speed of the video, this will also be available on the desktop.
The YouTube player will now become so seamless that it could match up to the quality and dimensions of the video. Formats such as horizontal or verticle and even square. The company announced that the mobile users will not see the black bar on the side while watching a video on verticle mode. YouTube will soon have a new way of searching video while watching it.


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