Xiaomi and Google to team up for the Android One project

If you try and think you’d realise that Xiaomi and Google do actually have a lot in common as per say. Both the companies have been investing pretty heavily in bringing down the overall cost of the products, products which revolve around the Android ecosystem. While Xiaomi is doing this through their range of smartphones, such as the Redmi series. Google, on the other hand, is doing the same through the Android One range of phones and project. The recent rumours that have just started, suggest that the two companies are planning for collaboration.  So as per the market news, Xiaomi will be working with Google to help them with their Android one project. Xiaomi is working closely to deliver the next round of the Android One project.
Xiaomi A1 is the codename given to this project as of now. This phone is expected to come with a competitive costing it seems. This will be targeted towards the upcoming markets such as India with promised timely OS updates right from Google.
Xiaomi A1 will is likely to be re-named as Xiaomi 5X that the company launched recently. But while the Mi 5X looks to be an exclusive Chinese product, as of now. The A1 will sell anywhere but in China. The main reason for this could be that it will come with stock android experience due to the same reason that such stock services are virtually non-existing in China market.
The A1 project phone will not only carry all the latest offering in for Android experience but also will carry the closest overall specifications or software that a Google pixel will be offering.
As far as the hardware part of things are concerned, the phone comes with a 5.5 inch HD display and to accompany that we have a Snapdragon processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. This phone will come with a large battery of 3080 mAh and a USB Type C for charging.



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