10 Talking Points, That Will Help You on Your First Date


Some people take themselves as seasoned speakers and they believe in talking continuously. The fact that a conversation is between two individuals. Best talks occur when two people in that conversation contribute facts and they enjoy it along the way.


There is a serious need to treat conversations like a game of tennis; you have to keep hitting the ball from one side of the court to the other and have fun. If the conversation goes great, the final result is obvious. You will know each other a lot better and will also agree to a second date.


You should always start the conversation by complimenting him/her. But don’t just keep giving compliments all day long. You have to ask questions to know each other. A lot of people tend to ask something which is not in context and this may ruin the date.


We are providing you with you with some thought starters for the same.


1- What was your family like when you were growing up?


2- What kind of music do you like?


3- Do you like going to the movies? (Could be an idea of a second date)


4-Are you a snack or a dessert person?


5- What is something about you that I could never guess?


6- Your favourite movie of all time?


7- Do you like pets? If yes, then are you a dog or a cat person?


8- What is probably one of the best advice that you have received in life?


9- What do you like to do when you are having a bad day?


10- Who are you the closest to in your family?


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