1 million people played ‘Sea of Thieves’ just after the launch within 2 days




The game Sea of thieves came into so much limelight that within 2 days about 1 million players have already played the game just after the launch of the game which is quite remarkable on the developer part.


There was more than 5,000 login in minutes which made the server down within 5 hours as the team wasn’t ready for so much load on the server.


But, the team didn’t step back and keep the bustling on but for those people who are desperate to play the game and trying signing in will not get anything as it will take you back again and again to sign-in page, and then again you will have to proceed from where you have started in the beginning.


Looking at the hyped demand for the game, Microsoft is giving the free copies to the users of Xbox One X Buyers and on the other hand, users could also get the free subscriptions for the sea of Thieves game. The entire team has taken the responsibility and developers are doing their best to cope with the situation.


Overall, the game is good, and the players are loving it, it’s the game presentation with great features and is out for Windows PC and Xbox One.



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