शराब वास्तव में आपको स्वस्थ रख सकता है!


Notwithstanding what Frank Sinatra said, alcohol has several benefits provided it is consumed in moderate quantity.


Researches published by University College London has found that those who drink one glass of wine a week show a marked improvement in thought processes. Researchers said women might benefit more because of the different metabolism they have.


Before moving on to know the benefits and healing power of alcohol, let us understand the types of alcoholic beverages. They are Liqueurs, Spirits, Wines & Champagnes, Beers and Mixers.


Liqueurs:  Liqueurs are flavoured spirits that are prepared by infusing fruits, flowers, wood and adding sugar into them while others are distilled from flavouring agents.


VODKA: Insomnia

Vodka, the most popular alcoholic drink, across the globe comprises mostly ethanol, water, and some flavours. Scientific researches show how Vodka induces sleep. When consumed in decent quantities, it acts as a sleep inducer.


WHISKY: Weight Loss

Yes, it’s true. Whisky is a low carb drink. The moderate intake increases energy and decreases the desire for sugar (sucrose) intake, The American Society for Clinical Nutrition stated in 1991. Whisky helps in weight loss when consumed appropriately and the consumer undertakes required physical exercises.


RUM: Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that destroys person’s memory. A disease in which person forgets everything. Rum is known to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and is good for the brain too.


Wines and Champagnes#RED WINE: Prevents Acne

Red wine, which is of red colour, is derived from skins of dark-coloured grapes.


Apart from preventing ageing of the skin, applying red wine on the face prevents breakouts. It also fights acne. Apply red wine to your face with the help of a cotton ball for twenty minutes and see the miracle.


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