क्या यह उनके पुनर्मिलन का संकेत है? कपिल और सुनील एक साथ आएंगे!


From the moment when this very unfortunate incident happened for Australia, things haven’t been fine between the two popular TV comedians. Sunil had even left The Kapil Sharma Show post their fight and other team members who supported him like Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra and Chandan Prabhakar too had left the show


As Sunil celebrates his birthday, Kapil wished him on Twitter. It is been a while since Kapil has been constantly trying to bring back Sunil back to his show but given whatever has happened in the past between the two chances of this reunion are very unlikely.


Sunil also discussed the fact that how so many people from the industry tried to get in touch with him and Kapil to sort out the issue and get back together on the show. Sunil addressed this and said, “I know [Kapil] very well. Why do I need someone else to sort things between us? We still have each other’s numbers and we haven’t changed them. Sunil has been on and off television scene for a while now.


He further added by saying “What you say is perceived to be the truth and how you see facts might not really be true and can sound demeaning for the other person. With Kapil, I’ve had a great association, and I have deep gratitude for the platform we shared,”


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