कैसे पाए अपनी ड्रीम गर्ल? जानिए 6 तरीके!



Besides the usual ‘dress well, listen to her, make her curious’ rules of impressing women, what are the hacks that smooth operators practise to make women swoon after them? How are some men so good at impressing girls? It has got something to do with their physical appearance for sure but it also has got something do with the way they behave, talks and interact. We have listed down 6 things you need to do to get it right with your girl.


  1. Play the part of a Casanova throughout your interaction with her, and just once in a while make an overtly soppy and sweet gesture. This will make you look adorable without losing out on your sex appeal.



  1. When you meet her for the first time, choose an experience that is overwhelming, like watching a brilliant movie, or a visit to a fun park or even smoking up. The human mind forms associations with memories.


  1. Touch her gently. Of course, don’t graze your hand against her thigh now, if you genuinely want her to like you. While walking, put your hand behind her back ever so gently.


  1. Exhibit your skills in the most subtle non-bragging way. Women love men with skills. You play a musical instrument, can sing, and are great at a sport, write poetry, anything that counts as an impressive skill. Arrange for your date in such a setting that allows your skill to be revealed.


  1. Don’t rush to her in a social setting. Even when you are walking up to her, adopt a slow pace.



  1. Look at her lips and eyes every now and then. Now there are certain safe zones where you can direct your gaze at and silently impress her. The eyes and the lips, Looking into the eyes signifies you want to get to know her and are intrigued by her.


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