एक दीर्घकालिक रिश्ते को समाप्त करना आसान नहीं है, इस बारे में आपको इसके बारे में जाना चाहिए!


Relationships, life…everything has a shelf life. The real question in hand though is, how should it all end? Should it all end with a bang; or slowly and steadily, while you relish all the good memories of the experience; or in the worst way possible? The choice is always yours. If you want to pull the plug and end things quicker, there is always an element of guilt and ‘what ifs ‘that surrounds you.


The bad way of ending things never really settles down well. So what are we really left with?


If we’re talking about good endings, then we willfully chose to be the bigger person and walk away from a situation, hoping to be unscathed and/or positive. Relationships are one aspect of our long drawn lives where we can practice the subtle art of letting go of things in a healthy manner and making the other person involved, a little more comfortable.


So if you feel that your relationship is nearing an end, maybe keep these things in mind, to make the other person feel and believe the relationship, good or bad, was worth it in the end.


Take full responsibility of happenstances (which is not the same as taking the entirety of the blame on yourself). Taking responsibility means being able to answer all questions from an empowered place of choice, rather than from a reaction to the situation.


Breakups are hard but they can be simplified if you keep in mind the proper ethics, the maturity to handle the problem and giving lots and lots of love to yourself.


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